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Welcome to Little Polar Samoyed

-About Us : Little Polar is Samoyed house/kennel, located in North Bandung, Indonesia. We love dogs and they always take part in our life. We had several other breeds before, and they have been passed away because of their age.

It all started when we wanted to have a new dog in the family. We met a handsome male samoyed, Snowy and he steals our heart.  And the story begins.....

Having one samoyed, apparently not enough for us. A few months later, a beautiful female samoyed, Fluffy joined our family. Samoyed becomes our passion of life and we seriously involve in breeding and showing samoyed. All breeding is through a planning and All puppy is placed to an approved loving home only.

We maintain all our samoyeds to be happy, healthy, well cared and with a lot of love.

Dog showing is fun for us, where we can learn more, meeting friends with the same interest, dogs. Winning is a bonus. Although it is fun, we are only able to attend few dog shows in a year, because of our main job.

In 2010, we decided to add a new member of Samoyed from USA, Polarmist Java Jive  and we are sure he will make a better foundation. Thank you to Lynette Blue for letting us to have this beautiful boy. Few months later, Polarmist Java Spice joined our family. And in 2012 we added a very handsome samoyed from Canada, Vanderbilt's On A Clear Knight. Thank you Judi Perchard Elford.

We realize we are relatively young to this field, but we have a will to learn and to be better, because we breed our samoyed with our heart.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please do visit again and your signature in our guestbook is much appreciated. Do not hesitate to email us for any enquiries : little_polar.breed_with_heart@yahoo.com

-Samoyed Introduction : Samoyed is a good looking dog. He is a loyal friend for life. Intelligent and love to be around people. He adapts well to the most environments, either living in a home with big yards or home with fenced, just provided him with his family. Samoyed is active with no doggie odor, and the coat will shed most dirts. He doesnt mind with plenty exercise nor walking around the neighborhood. Of course samoyed needs regular grooming and brushing. Actually samoyed is easier to take care than most would think. He can be a good watchdog as he is a barker whenever excited and alerted. He has his own mind and do serve the owner well.

The most cherished role is that samoyed companion to human

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